IOWG – International Online Writers Group

I cannot really say how long this group exists. It’s been years and most of its members are still there. This group – currently consisting of 10 female writers all over the world – is the most amazing experience I’ve ever made as a writer. Most of us neither met nor heard each other’s voices, except by email – yet, we’re close friends.

In 2002 we started a common project, out of the blue. Soon we discovered that there is a great power in combining forces. Differences are aired with a trust in privacy once reserved exclusively for the telephone. Biases are exchanged rather than published, and multiples of opinions are instantly traded rather than reported. For us, the transformed solitary writers of the IOWG, the word is no longer confined to the bottom drawer.

Our concept, “Lost and Found in Camden”, includes eleven chapters written by eleven members writing about one location, Camden Lock Market, one hot wet August day. Each of the stories connects with the next through a minor character in the previous story that becomes the main character of the next. It is now available as a Kindle eBook, soon also as paperback.

We wrote through 9/11, through flues and floods, blackouts, kidney stones, heart attack, beginnings and ends of relationships, layoffs, graduations, recitals and adoptions. We have gone from timid to trusting, from curious to concerned, and, as Barbara emailed, “the important thing is we did it, we didn't all know each other, we all know each other now, whether or not we have ever met, and it's still going on.”

Barbara Inglis, longtime member of IOWG, died on August 26, 2008. We will never forget her! The book is dedicated to her!

ASIN B00IMHJ8Y (eBook)

ISBN 978-1496073907 (Paperback)